Anna Maria Lambert incorporates a diversity of cultures in her designs that combine the ancient with the contemporary and convey the essence of Beauty.


Anna Maria Lambert comes from an international background and was always exposed to a diversity of cultures and aesthetics that she incorporates in her work. Born in Colombia, raised in Greece and having also lived in China and Japan she was always inspired by the greatness of ancient civilizations that formed the foundation of her work. She continued her education in England and France where she studied Media and Visual Arts and experimented in various fields such as jewelry design, photography, sculpture, film and video.


She has been living and working from Athens for the past seven years as a jewelry designer. During this time her designs have caught the eye of the public due to their distinct and unique identity. She has collaborated with many well known galleries and boutiques and she has created exclusive collections for fashion designer Hallelujah and jewelry atelier Skyla Kanari. Her designs have also featured in some leading magazines, including Votre Beaute, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mirror & Lucky .


Her latest collection, Anna Maria Lambert The Silk Collection is made of silk and leather, blending African and Colombian influences with European patterns and colors. Her designs combine the timeless and the contemporary communicating the essence of Beauty.